Investment Advising

 Stone-Hecht Wealth Management, Inc. is a fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm.  Stone-Hecht Wealth Management, Inc. is licensed in the states of Wisconsin and Florida, and is not registered or licensed to solicit business in any other state.  Accordingly, this information is not to be considered a solicitation to anyone outside the states of Wisconsin and Florida. ​

Investment Profile - We begin with an interview and overall review of your financial position, gaining an understanding of your past investment experience as well as your current concerns and long-term objectives.  A detailed assessment of your risk tolerance is completed so we understand the types of investments with which you will feel comfortable.  Then using state-of-the-art asset allocation software, we assess your current portfolio and develop a strategy to help you realize your objectives.

Asset Allocation - Asset allocation is the strategy of determining the appropriate balance between various equity investments (stocks and stock mutual funds), fixed income vehicles (bonds and bond mutual funds) and cash (money market funds).  Based on your risk tolerance and goals,, as well as outside market data and economic factors, we develop a long-term asset allocation strategy suited for you.

Implementation - Prior to implementing your strategy, we prepare an Investment Policy Statement documenting  your rate of return requirements, risk tolerance, income needs, investment time horizon, and tax considerations.  It also explains how we evaluate the investment vehicles that will be recommended to implement your asset allocation strategy.  Through our affiliation with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., and our affiliation with select money managers, we are able to provide a complete range of investment choices without being tied to specific products.

​Monitoring - We assist you in monitoring and evaluating the performance of your investments to make sure your strategy is working  By consolidating all your investments under one reporting umbrella, we can help reduce the volume of statements you receive each month.  Our staff uses sophisticated portfolio management tools to keep close tabs on the change in value of the holdings and on any inflows or outflows to your portfolio.  We make sense of all this activity, calculate your portfolio's return on investment and give you a clear idea of your progress toward the goals you have selected. 

Fee-Based Services - We offer financial planning or investment management services based on the needs of our clients.  Fees for investment management services are established at an annual rate, ranging from 1% to 0.25% of the net asset value under management.  Our fee, which is charged quarterly, covers development of an asset allocation strategy, preparation of an Investment Policy Statement, selection of appropriate investments, and ongoing review and monitoring of your account.  We are also able to provide financial planning services including investment, retirement and estate planning with fees charged on an hourly basis.  ​Stone-Hecht Wealth Management, Inc can coordinate all aspects of your financial affairs.  When planning, implementing and monitoring your portfolio, our professionals can integrate tax, financial and estate planning advice to serve all your financial needs. ​Contact Stone-Hecht Wealth Management, Inc to set up an initial consultation at no charge and receive more information on how our services can benefit you.